Defining Witchery My Way... One Step at a Time.... A Fireside Chat


In attempting to share what I do, I always run into the the difficulty of "putting in a container". 

   It's l kind of like autumn... You see a few leaves beginning to change, and by the time you take a moment to comes to terms with the fact that this Summer is truly over now.... It has all changed, multiplied, spread outward, not to be contained or stopped, even for a moment!

  So, the best, and indeed only, place that I can think of to begin.. Is here, now! You see, my witchcraft is not defined by any list of attributes like you find online, and neither is yours! You are You, not someone else, so why bother trying to decide whom else oyu may be, or be like?! It is a silly modern preoccupation at best, and entirely unproductive, and if there were a word used to describe witchery, it would have to be productive! Things happen, things, change and our job is to be ready for the ever turning wheel of Life and the Year!

   Today, we are having a Noreaster here in New Jersey. So, we've stacked wood by the back door in case we lose electricity, throw blankets are present, phones & readers are charged, and I'm about to make some homemade soup and Snickerdoodles (using this recipe). Easy things to heat and eat.

  It is good to be prepared for such of life's events and is sensible to do simple preparations to keep one's home as functional and cozy as possible, in any event!

Perhaps this is a good time to begin thinking about Winter and what little things you can do to get prepared in case of storms or heavy snows where you live. Here are some ideas to consider:

* Flashlights, headlamps or some kind of lighting... even candles, be they real ones or battery operated.

* Water for drinking and a few gallons for things like teeth brushing, pets and flushing toilets too!

* Easy meals like PB&J or cheese and crackers are always good to have on hand; perhaps a rotisserie chicken for sandwiches, or a freezer full of heat and eat homemade meals. You usually have enough to make a little freezer packet after any dinner, and they accumulate quickly! (We have a wood stove, so heating is not an issue for us, but there are other simple sternos and such that you could use.)

* How about some hot cocoa or instant coffee!

* Clean up supplies, this can be a garbage bag and paper plates, plus some wet wipes for you and for clean up.

* I always keep a few unread books (the real printed kind!), journals, coloring books and such, just in case.

* Easy meals can be

   Just think of some daily basics you'd be uncomfortable without...  light, warmth, food, and something to occupy yourself is the lights go out! You can always add on form there to include more amenities.

  I always kind of look forward to when the electricity is off. It seems as though life slows way back down to something more reasonable. No phones constantly going off, and a great time to write, or think, or meditate! It is like an internal  reset button  and can be as beneficial as time spent in Nature for we over-busy humans!

  Well, I'm off to make some veggie noodle soup! Then I think I'll just enjoy the rest of the afternoon and knit the socks I started over vacation... Since I finished up the tweed pair this morning...

   I'll let you in on how I make super easy soup stock another day!

Stay warm and dry!

  ~Christina C


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