Snowflake Obsidian The Stone of Winter, But So Much More... 3 Ways to Use it's Energy

   Snowflake Obsidian is a dark black Obsidian with light gray crystalline inclusions that look just like snowflakes! Like all Obsidians, it is actually a form of volcanic glass, formed as lava cooled.

   It's wintery, snowflake patterning makes it an obvious choice for working snow and winter magick, but there is much ore depth to this humble stone than just trying to make it snow for Christmas!

~ Find Snowflake Obsidian Here! ~

   Look deep within the swirling snow of this stone and you will begin to understand why it is use to help "find one's light in the darkness". This can be your search for clarity and guidance during a difficult or confusing time, or your personal search to uncover your own unique gifts and identity!

   If you work with the Goddess Hecate, you will immediately make the connection with Her torches and how they can help guide you to seek the light within the darkness of any situation.

  Or perhaps your heart lies farther north, within the Northern pantheon, and Mother Holle! As She shakes her feather bed and causes a storm of flakes to shower down, She helps us to shake off what no longer serves, clean things out, and showers us with new possibilities... Great for creative souls! Her steadfastness helps us to persist through the storms of everyday life, and keep our hope burning brightly!

   Rarely are things as simple as they seem, and Snowflake Obsidian is no exception. Try using it in the following ways to gain its crystal wisdom and insight...

* Wear it to remind you to persist, or that She is near, always, to lend support in your daily walk through stormy weather.

* Place Snowflake Obsidian stones on your altar, around your home or on your desk at work to help you stay serenely focused when all around is a chaos of confusion.

* Hold this stone during meditation, manifestation or magick to allow its wisdom to flow into your workings.

 ~ Christina C

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